FAST FIT Curb Stop

Why make the change?


A combination of composite material, state of the art manufacturing technology and over 90 years of industry experience results in a product that is easier to work with, safer and longer lasting than any other curb stop on the market.

10X Faster to fit image

10X Faster to fit

Supplied ready to fit with no nut adjustment or stiffener required.

It lasts longer image

It lasts longer

The composite material avoids corrosion, ensuring a long service life.

It's safe image

It's safe

Composite construction means there is no leachate of heavy materials and it is completely free of lead.

It stops theft image

It stops theft

Manufactured from durable composite materials the FAST FIT Curb Stop has no scrap value.

It's robust and easy image

It's robust and easy

The composite material requires no special handling or care. Any type of wrench can be used.

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