Philmac UTC (Universal Transition Coupling) is a unique range of compression fittings that provides the ultimate in pipe connection flexibility.

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    Easy disassembly

    The design of the UTC means that once the nut is backed off the pipe can easily be removed from the fitting.

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    Fast and easy installation

    The Philmac UTC incorporates all the benefits of Philmac Slide and Tighten™ technology. Simply witness mark the pipe against the flange on the body of fitting, and then insert the pipe to the correct depth. The nut can then be tightened using a wrench. The UTC is fully installed when the nut can no longer be tightened with reasonable force.

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    No loose components

    The Philmac UTC is fully integrated with no loose components. There is no need for individual assembly of a split ring, sealing ring or nut. All that is required is the insertion of the pipe and tightening the nut.

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    High Performance Materials

    The Philmac UTC is manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials with outstanding impact, UV, chemical and corrosion resistance. The Philmac UTC is rated to 180 psi (1250 kPa) to meet the needs of high pressure systems.

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    Outstanding Sealing Performance

    The uniquely designed oversized seal enables sealing on out of round andpitted pipes.

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    Complete flexibility

    Through its wide sealing tolerance, the Philmac UTC is designed to accommodate a range of different outside diameters across most pipe materials (including PVC, copper, galvanised iron, ABS, lead, stainless steel, steel and PE).

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    Visual Stop

    The body flange on the UTC compression fitting acts as a visual stop to indicate when the nut is tightened. There is no benefit in further tightening the nut.

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    Philmac UTC compression fittings are CSA and NSF 61 approved for potable water use.

  • 9

    No Pipe Twist During Installation

    The fitting has been designed to minimize pipe twist as the nut is tightened. Pipe twist can impact on not only the connection you have just made but also on the connection at the other end of the line.

Transition UTC Product Sizes

UTC Tee – Transition x Transition x Transition (Copper/GI/PVC)

Product Number Size
75-312AAA 0.59"-0.83" 15-21mm

UTC End Connector – Transition x MI NPT (Copper/GI/PVC)

Product Number Size
75-6303B 0.59"-0.83" x 1” 15-21mm x 1”
75-6304B 0.83"-1.06" x 1-1/4” 21-27mm x 1-1/4”
75-6304C 1.06"-1.34"x 3/4” 27-34mm x 3/4”

UTC Elbow – Transition x Transition (Copper/GI/PVC)

Product Number Size
75-618BB 0.83"-1.06" x 20.83"-1.06" 21-27 x 21-27mm

UTC Reducing Repair Coupler – Transition x Transition (Class C/Class D/Copper/GI/PVC)

Product Number Size
75-617BA 0.83"-1.06"x 0.59"-0.83" 21-27 x 15-21mm
75-617CA 1.06"-1.34" 0.59"-0.83" 27-34 x 15-21mm
75-617CB 1.06"-1.34" x 0.83"-1.06" 27-34 x 21-27mm
75-617DC 1.34”-1.54” x 1.06"-1.34" 34-39 x 27-34mm
75-617EC 1.54”-1.69” x 1.06”-1.34” 39-43 x 27-34mm
75-617FE 1.85”-1.93” x 1.54”-1.69” 47-49 x 39-43mm

UTC Repair Coupler – Transition x Transition (Class C/Class D/Copper/GI/PVC)

Product Number Size
75-608AA 0.59"-0.83" x 0.59"-0.83" 15-21 x 15-21mm
75-608BB 0.83"-1.06" x 0.83"-1.06" 21-27 x 21-27mm
75-608CC 1.06"-1.34" x 1.06"-1.34" 27-34 x 27-34mm
75-608DD 1.34"-1.54" x 1.34"-1.54" 34-39 x 34-39mm
75-608EE 1.54"-1.69" x 1.54"-1.69" 39-43 x 39-43mm
75-608FF 1.86"-1.93" x 1.86"-1.93" 47-49 x 47-49mm
75-608GG 2.32"-2.40" x 2.32"-2.40" 59-61 x 59-61mm

UTC Female Tee (Trans x Trans x NPT)

Product Number Size
75-651AA3 0.59"-0.83" x 0.59"-0.83" x 3/4" 15-21mm x 15 x 21mm x 3/4"
75-651BB3 0.83"-1.06" x 0.83"-1.06" x 3/4" 21-27mm x 21-27mm x 3/4"

Installation/troubleshooting videos

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