• 1

    Advanced Materials

    The body, plunger, back-nut and body cap are all manufactured from engineering grade thermoplastic. This provides a high level of wear, UV and corrosion resistance to ensure years of reliable service. The material is non-toxic and taint free.

  • 2

    High Pressure Shut-Off

    These WaterMark approved* valves are rated to 1400 kPa (200 psi) static shut-off. This means the valve can be installed to mains water supply.

    * Excludes valves with 5" (125 mm) levers

  • 3

    Drinking Water**

    The valves are approved to the AS/NZS 4020 standard which means they can be confidently used in applications that are required for drinking water.

    ** Also known as potable water

  • 4

    DZR Brass

    The lever and pivot pin are manufactured from quality dezincification brass. This ensures it is resistant to the loss of zinc which would otherwise cause leakage and premature failure.

  • 5

    Optional Lever Length

    A choice of 3 lever lengths 10"(250), 8" (200) and 5" (125 mm) which makes them suited to a variety of installations.

  • 6

    Positive Opening/Closing

    By using a robust machined cam that interlocks with the plunger it ensures reliable opening and closing of the valve time after time.

  • 7

    Easy Maintenance

    The valve has been designed for easy disassembly by simply removing the pivot pin and body cap to allow access to all parts.

  • 8

    Float Security

    The lever features a flange for the float to tighten against and ensure it does not come loose.

Series 100 Product Sizes


Product Number BSP Size
90 3002 00 1/2”
90 3003 00 1/2”
90 3004 00 1/2”


Product Number
90 1718 00
For underwater applications to suit 1/2” (15), 3/4” (20) & 1” (25)mm Valves