• 1

    Corrosion Resistant Brass

    The lever assembly and pivot pin are manufactured from DZR (dezincification resistant) brass. This means they resist corrosion. This prevents the weakening of the brass leading to premature failure.

  • 2

    Robust Upgraded Cam

    Rather than a one-piece lever with a narrow cam this new cam is wider to provide significantly greater strength. It provides greater resistance to damage by stock.

  • 3

    Easy Disassembly

    A simple pin and stainless R-Pin hold the lever assembly in place. The pins can be removed without any tools, which makes lever adjustment, installation and maintenance a simple task and saves time and effort.

  • 4

    Dual Inlet

    The valves come standard with a ¾” BSP male inlet and a 1” BSP male inlet. This means one valve suits troughs with ¾” or 1” connections. This means less valves need to be stocked.

  • 5

    High Flow

    Across the range of inlet pressures the valve has a high flow. This means it can fill troughs quickly thus providing sufficient water to meet the demands of the stock.

  • 6

    Outlet Cap

    The outlet cap has moulded, scientifically engineered flow directors. This minimises the rosette effect, which causes unnecessary splashing, and saves water.

  • 7

    High Pressure Shut-Off

    The combination of body design, lever length and float size provide high pressure shut-off. With an inlet pressure up to 174 psi (1200 kPa) the valve will not leak. This makes it suited to installations such as at the bottom of hills.

  • 8

    Locking Nut

    Each lever has a nut fitted to the end. This nut locks the float in place to prevent it from coming undone. This provides peace of mind that the float cannot come loose and precious water be lost.

Series 120 Product Sizes

120 Series Plastic Sleeve Valve (Single action)-Parallel thread

Product Number BSP Size Rec Float Size
91 4702 20 3/4” 12" (300mm) lever
91 4702 21 3/4” 6-1/2" (165mm) lever
91 4703 30 1” 12" (300mm) lever
91 4703 31 1” 6-1/2" (165mm) lever

120 Series Plastic Sleeve Valves (Single action)-Tapered

Product Number BSP Size Rec Float Size
91 4703 20 3/4” & 1” 12" (300mm) lever
91 4703 21 3/4” & 1” 6-1/2" (165mm) lever
91 4704 00 1-1/4” 16" (400mm) lever

120 Series Plastic Sleeve Valves (Dual Action)

Product Number BSP Size Rec Float Size
91 4704 10 1-1/4” 6" (150mm) X 2"


Product Number
90 1718 00
For underwater applications to suit 1/2” (15), 3/4” (20) & 1” (25)mm Valves