• 1

    All Stainless

    By utilising marine grade 316 stainless steel for the body, lever/cam, seat and pivot pin it not only provides excellent corrosion resistance but also strength to resist damage.

  • 2

    High Pressure Shut-Off

    These WaterMark approved valves are rated to 1400 kPa (200 psi) static shut-off. This means the valve can be installed to mains water supply.

  • 3

    Drinking Water*

    The valves are approved to the AS/NZS 4020 standard which means they can be confidently used in applications that are required for drinking water

    * Also known as potable water

  • 4

    Wide Size Range

    The range is comprehensive and includes sizes from ¾” to 1-½” to suit a range of applications.

  • 5

    Heat Resistance

    A Viton™ seal is fitted as standard. This seal has a high temperature tolerance making it suited to high temperature applications.

    Viton™ is a registered trademark of the Chemours Company

  • 6

    Positive Opening/Closing

    By using a robust machined cam that interlocks with the plunger it ensures reliable opening and closing of the valve time after time.

  • 7

    Easy Maintenance

    The valve has been designed for easy disassembly by simply removing the pivot pin and body cap to allow access to all parts.

  • 8

    Float Security

    The lever features a locking nut for the float to tighten against and ensure it does not come loose.

Series 500 Product Sizes


Product Number BSP Size
90 3991 00 1/2”
90 3992 00 3/4”
90 3993 00 1”
90 3995 00 11/2”