• 1

    High Pressure Shut-Off

    These WaterMark approved* valves are rated to 2000 kPa (290 psi) static shut-off. This means the valve can be installed to mains water supply and industrial applications.

    * Also known as potable water

  • 2

    Drinking Water*

    The valves are approved to the AS/NZS 4020 standard which means they can be confidently used in applications that are required for drinking water.

    * Also known as potable water

  • 3

    High Flow Rate

    The secondary (or servo) action allows these valves to have a much larger seat than a similarly sized valve. This allows for a greater flow and makes them ideally suited to applications such as filling fire water tanks

  • 4

    Simple Maintenance

    The valve has been designed for easy disassembly by removing the pivot pin and body outlet to allow access to all internal parts

  • 5

    Positive Opening/Closing

    By using a robust machined cam that interlocks with the secondary plunger it ensures reliable opening and closing of the valve time after time

  • 6

    Float Security

    Once the 10” copper floats are wound into the lever a nut and split pin are fitted to ensure it does not come loose

  • 7

    DZR Bronze

    The body is manufactured from quality dezincification bronze. This ensures it is resistant to the loss of zinc which would otherwise cause leakage and premature failure

  • 8

    Wide Size Range

    The range is comprehensive and includes sizes from 1-½” to 3” BSP to suit a range of tank sizes

  • 9

    Discharge Options**

    The outlet has a female thread which allows a threaded fitting or pipe to be attached and direct the water as required.

    ** Connections to mains water must comply with the relevant air gap regulations

Servo Tank Filling Valve Product Sizes


Product Number BSP Size
90 3815 00 11/2”
90 3816 00 2”
90 3817 00 3”