• 1

    Advanced Materials

    The body and plunger are manufactured from engineering grade thermoplastic. This provides a high level of wear, UV and corrosion.

  • 2

    DZR Brass

    The body is manufactured from quality dezincification brass. This ensures it is resistant to the loss of zinc which would otherwise cause leakage and premature failure.

  • 3

    Compact Size

    The arm is located so it operates over the body thus ensuring a compact size valve and minimising stock damage.

  • 4

    Stainless Steel

    By utilising marine grade 316 stainless steel for the lever and pivot pin, and the seat of the brass version it not only provides excellent corrosion resistance but also strength to resist damage.

  • 5

    Easy Maintenance

    The valve has been designed for easy disassembly by simply removing the pivot pin and body cap to allow access to all parts.

  • 6


    By utilising a tube over the cord it prevents the cord from potentially wrapping around the valve body when the water level drops. This ensures the valve reliably opens and closes.

  • 7

    Wide Size Range

    The range is comprehensive and includes sizes from ¾” to 1-¼” to suit a range of trough sizes.

  • 8

    Damage Resistance

    The float has been designed to hug the wall of the trough and minimise stock tampering with them. They also have built-in protective buffer strips to protect should they rub on the wall of the trough.

Stock Proof Trough Valve Product Sizes

StockPHIL Float Valve – Brass

Product Number Connection Type
358201 3/4” NPT
AQ200B NA 1”
AQ300B NA 1-1/4”

StockPHIL Float Valve – Plastic

Product Number Connection Type
AQ400P NA 3/4”
358202 1”
358203 1-1/4”
AQ900 NA Float & Poly Tube Only