The valve you can trust to keep your pumps primed.

Philmac Non-Return Valves have been successfully servicing the Australian market for more than 20 years with a reputation for quality and reliability. The Philmac Non-Return Valve is the perfect choice for preventing back flow so pipelines do not drain and cause damage to high value equipment such as pumps.

  • 1

    Multi-position Installation

    The valves have been designed to work in either vertical or horizontal position for flexible installation.

  • 2

    Piston & Seal

    Redesigned piston shaft minimises the wear on the piston significantly when compared to the previous model, bringing major improvements to the lifetime of the valve. The seal remains the same proven design which allows it to reliably seal at low pressure.

  • 3

    Flow Path

    Improved flow path minimising turbulent zones.

  • 4

    High Pressure Rating

    Foot and non-return valves are rated to 1600 kPa (static shutoff) to meet the requirements of high pressure systems.

  • 5

    Quality Materials

    Manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials which have excellent impact, UV and corrosion resistance. The material is non-toxic and taint free.

  • 6

    Low Pressure Shut-off

    Designed to seal off at 20 kPa making them well suited to gravity feed systems.

Non-Return Valves Product Sizes


Product Number Size
95 8022 00 3/4”
95 8023 00 1”
95 8024 00 11/4”
95 8025 00 11/2”
95 8026 00 2”