The Philmac curb stop is the new composite metering valve offering a fast and effective connection every time. Additionally, the Philmac valve provides a long and corrosive free service life.

  • 1

    Faster to fit

    Supplied ready to fit with no nut adjustment or stiffener required. Simply insert the pipe, hand tighten the nut and then a quarter turn with any type of wrench and you’re done.

  • 2

    Lasts longer

    The composite material avoids corrosion, ensuring a long service life. In addition, this means the handle operation will stay consistent allowing easy actuation over the lifetime of the valve.

  • 3

    Robust and easy

    The composite material requires no special handling or care. Any type of wrench can be used with wrench marks on the valve having no impact on performance. In addition, the meter nut is engineered to ensure thread engagement occurs simply every time and with an integrated washer no additional component is required.

  • 4

    Safe drinking

    Composite construction means there is no leachate of heavy materials and it is completely free of lead.

  • 5

    Stops theft

    Manufactured from durable composite materials the Philmac curb stop valve has no scrap value unlike brass valves.

  • 6

    Flexible connections

    The valve is available in CTS and UTC compression connections.

FAST FIT Curb Stop – Straight (CTS x Meter)

Product Number SIZE
76-091933 3/4" CTS x 3/4" Meter
76-091943 1" CTS x 3/4" Meter
76-091944 1" CTS x 1" Meter

FAST FIT Curb Stop – Straight (UTC x Meter)

Product Number SIZE
76-0969C3 27mm-34mm x 3/4" 1.06"-1.34" x 3/4"
76-0969B4 21mm-27mm x 1" 0.83"-1.06" x 1"

FAST FIT Curb Stop – Straight (CTS x FI NPT)

Product Number SIZE
76-091743 1' CTS x 3/4" FNPT
76-091744 1" CTS x 1" FNPT

FAST FIT Curb Stop – Angle (CTS x Meter)

Product Number SIZE
76-101933 3/4" CTS x 3/4" Meter
76-101943 1" CTS x 3/4" Meter
76-101954 1-1/4" CTS x 1" Meter

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